Ever wondered how people make gift giving look so effortless? You’ve come to the right place! Here at FLaVR we have taken the pain out of making gifts look beautiful and we’ve even thrown in our favourite ideas so you don’t have to search everywhere trying to find something unique or special. We’ve created stickers & tags for all occasions, along with personalised gifts that will make a statement.

In the hopes of doing away with some confusion should you think Labels, Tags and Stickers are exactly the same; allow us to clarify:


Labels carry information – in our case we mean your name – and can be affixed to any clean surface. We love these because they’re an important everyday necessity to relay ownership information about that pesky pen or the bothersome lunch box that never finds its way back home. Please note carefully that our Labels do not come with a tracking device; but they will definitely help others to return your missing belongings. Our stunning labels will help you to keep track of your (or your family’s) stuff and we deliver to your door so we’re effectively right where you are (assuming that’s within South Africa?)


Stickers are like Labels in that they also have a sticky backing called adhesive that is applied to the printed material. Stickers are however designed to be beautiful and not to carry information in the same way that Labels do. They’re more commonly used to celebrate occasions such as Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, & Thank You’s to name a few. Select a FLaVR (or a few) that you love and keep them in a drawer for both expected and unexpected occasions. Need a gift for your dinner host? Pop a sticker on a wine bottle and voila! Don’t have a card for a children’s birthday party, slide some money into an envelope with a personalised sticker and a ribbon and your gift is ready!


Tags are separate cards attached to a product often by means of a string or a ribbon of some sort. They are effectively Stickers without adhesive and sometimes work better. We love our Tags. Although not personalised, these beauties can carry a personal hand-written message (taking us back to days of old) and are a great choice when your little one is learning to put words to paper. Tasteful designs for all ages and occasions, Tags are an elegant way to show you care.


Gifts galore! We’ve created (and continue to create) gorgeous uniquely personalised gifts for you and your loved ones. For any and all occasions you’ll find something special here. Take your time, and revisit often, as we keep finding beautiful things to inspire us and we’re sure you’ll love the old favourites and the limited editions too. Unions (engagements, weddings & anniversaries); Christmas, Birthdays and even (sometimes dreaded) year end Teacher appreciation gifts have been tastefully designed for effortless gifting.